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Childrens Party Games
Dusty Bluebells.
This is a circle game with singing. Everyone stands in a circle spaced out enough to let people through. The children hold hands in the circle and make arches to let people through. One child weaves in and out of the arches.
Everyone sings “In and out the dusty bluebells, in and out the dusty blue bells, in and out the dusty bluebells, I am the master.”
The child weaving in and out stops behind a child in the circle and starts to, gently - no thumping, tap them on the shoulders. Everyone sings “Tipper, ripper, rapper on my shoulders, tipper ripper rapper on my shoulders, tipper ripper rapper on my shoulders. I am the master”.
The person whose shoulders were being tapped leads off to weave in an out and the first child  holds on to the waist of the “master”.
This is repeated until there is no one left in the circle and all are processing in a long weaving line.
Choo choo.
This is a celebration of the children's names. Form a circle spaced out enough to let people pass between. Start the game by one person going around the inside of the circle like a train singing “choo choo choo, choo choo choo choo”. Everyone in the circle makes the noise of the choo choo.
The engine stops at a child in the circle and goes Woooo Wooooo and says my name is Brian, what is your name? The child replies my name is Helen. Brian turns to the players and says this is Helen. Everyone shouts out Helen, Helen, Helen.  Helen then becomes the engine, with Brian joined on behind and choo choos her way round the circle until she stops at another child (station). The game continues until everyone is on the train choo chooing and woo wooing around the room.
Musical chairs.
A line of chairs is placed in the middle of the room and are occupied by children. The music starts and the children walk around the chairs. One chair is removed. The music stops and all but one child takes a seat. The one without the seat is out. Pretty cruel eh!
Car wash.
This a big favourite with younger children. Form two lines of children facing each other and leaving just enough space for a child to go down the middle. The game can be played standing or kneeling. Explain that this is a car wash. It can wash,dry and polish. All these activities are enacted by the children by using their hands.
The child tells the car wash the kind of car he or she is. It could be a Rolls Royce or an old banger etc. When the car passes though the wash it gets a good wash (massage). Beware the hooligan in the room. Insist that everyone is gentle and it won't be necessary to call an ambulance. Unless, of course, it's going through the car wash!
World Song.
This is a singing game with actions. It is enjoyed by young children and older people. Make a circle. The leader stands in the circle. Everything the leader sings and every action she or he makes the children repeat.

The leader sings, chants  –
I went to Africa.
To see my grannie. Action; hold onto an imaginary pair of galluses (braces) and rock from side to side.
She wisnae there. Action point forward and wave an arm back and forth.
What do you think I saw there? Action; hold hand above eyes and be looking for something.
I saw an elephant. Action; everyone joins in making a trunk with their arms and elephant noises.
Once everyone has stopped laughing move on around the world. India tiger, Australia kangaroo, America eagle, Russia bear and so on. Finish in Scotland and finally in the town or village the children live in when the children “see themselves” and make faces at each other.
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