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Fun and games for halloween.
Cast aside pumpkins and "trick or treat".
Make a neep or turnip lantern and sing, tell a joke or recite a poem.
Then chant "Gies oor Halloween".
Turn the clocks back and indulge in traditional Scottish games and activities.

Dookin for apples
Use a large bath like container e.g. babies bath and part fill it with tepid water. The water should be deep enough to allow a good dookin.
Float the apples on the water, provide the children, big and little, with a towel to put around their shoulders and one or two at a time get dookin. No forks no hands just good old fashioned teeth catching and biting the apples to bring them out of the water.
Parents supervise the wet bit to make sure that everyone has safe fun.

Treacle Scones
Bake some sturdy soda scones. Allow them to cool. Spread thick layers of the Scotsman across the carpets. Hang strings of the binder twine or broad ribbon at foot intervals from a broom handle or bamboo cane. Just before the game commences dip and cover the scones in Black Treacle (yummy!!!) and when ready string them up. The players, children of all ages, then attempt to eat the delicious scones with varying degrees of success. Provide the players with a tea towel each to protect clothes from the gooey treacle. Be prepared to find traces of treacle everywhere for a few weeks.

Guising "Gies oor Halloween".
No trick or treat here! The children learn a party piece. It could be a joke, a recitation or a song. On the night they dress up in a costume helped by mum and dad. When suitably attired and ready they go out to visit neighbours carrying their lit neep (turnip) lanterns with parents in tow.
Knock on the door and greet the occupier. Perform the party piece and accept whatever goodies are given with a happy thank you. Next house. Eventually home and check out the trophies. Its a good idea to let your friends and neighbours know that you are planning to come. Although not necessary it gives them the opportunity to be ready for the visit.

Halloween Neep (Swede Turnip)
Buy a big swede neep from your greengrocer or local farm. Ask your Green Grocer in plenty time to get you one. Get one with a "lum" on it. Cut the top off to make a lid and hollow out the "chimney".
Carefully with the help of mum or dad scoop out the inside of the neep which can be used for making soup if placed in a bowl.
Cut out the eyes, nose and mouth perhaps retaining some teeth. Fit a string loop (binder twine or similar) to the main body. Place a T light candle in the middle firmly so that it doesn't move about. When you are happy that it all hangs together well light the candle to see how effective your neep is. Spooky! Set off on the guiseing with neep a glow.
We country folk know how to party! Those were the days but now its nicht.
Annie Sutherland, Games Old and New, was part of Tocati, "You try it",in 2008. The event took place Verona,Italy where Annie taught traditional Scottish games at the annual International Festival of Traditional Games. There is more information on this on the website.
Games Old and New In-service Training Workshop
The two hour workshop is designed for teachers, classroom assistants, playground supervisors, playworkers, leaders of uniformed organisations such as the Girl Guides and so on. The workshop is a practical one and participants should wear suitable footwear and clothing. Everyone is expected to take an active part in the session.
The main purpose is to teach games which can be used when working with children to challange and inspire them. The games also provide good physical excercise and can be used in the playground and in the gym. We cover new games and traditional ones. We explain the game and then play it. We try and ensure that the participants feel able to lead the game when back in their work environment.

New Games
The games include name games which are about learning and using each others names in a creative way. Circle games are also played and include singing games as well as action games such as choo choo. Many tig games are used including Wizards and trees. A number of trust games are included in the programme e.g. Bumper Cars. Parachute games such as colours and rainbow are included.

Traditional Games
Peever beds, whip and peerie and gird and cleek are included in the programme. Jump in skipping and singing is also part of this programme. Skipping is an excellent aerobic excercise. We encourage participants to learn a number of skipping games and take these back into the play environment to engage with children. Skipping is a valueable playtime activity for boys and girls. It is also useful in the gym.


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