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Five New Co-operative Games
Fruit Basket
This is a game which works well with children and separately with adults as a team building activity. It is a circle game.
The players stand in a circle about arms length apart. One player stands in the middle. All stations in the circle are at this point occupied.
At the beginning of the game the person in the middle gives each person in the circle the name of a fruit e.g. Apple, Orange, Banana.
The player in the middle of the circle then says for example "Orange" and all the oranges have to change places. The person in the middle tries to go to a vacant place and if he or she is successful the orange without a space ends up in the middle and takes over the game. If the leader shouts fruit basket everyone changes places an no one can go back to the the place they just left.
Nessie the Loch Ness Monster
First draw the outline of a loch with chalk or use tape. Nessie stands in the loch and all the little ducklings stand on one bank. Nessie tell the ducklings a wee story. “Your mummy is looking for you on the other bank of the loch. She is wanting you to go for a message. Cross the loch now.”

All the little duckings flap their wings and quack as they cross the loch. Nessie likes to eat ducklings and tigs as many as she can with a bean bag.

A number of duckings are tug and become Nessie's helpers. Thet are rooted to the spot where they were tug and cannot move about. They tig other ducklings as they cross back and fore.

When all the ducklings are tug the last duckling tug takes over the role of Nessie and tells their stories ending with the instructions "Cross the Loch now".
This is a brilliant game full of fun, activity and a wee bit of story telling.
Name Juggle
This is a name game which is about learning and using peoples names. It is also a circle game and everyone stands an arms length apart. To start with one player looks across the circle and finds out the name of the player he or she wants to throw the bean bag or ball to. Bean bags are best because they don't roll away if dropped and the game flows better.
He or she calls out the name and then throws the bean bag which is caught. The new player does the same until the bean bag has crossed and recrossed the circle until everyone has had it. This is repeated. Another beanbag is introduced which follows the same route.
Eventually three or four bean bags are flying about and everyone has to concentrate to keep the flow going. Once the game is flowing players can follow their bean bags and the game become even more exciting.
Heather the Weather
Using a multi-coloured parachute or play canopy everyone stands in a circle holding the edge of the parachute. The leader says this is a magic parachute. It is going to become the sea. Everyone gently ripples the chute. The leader says “Heather the Weather is on the tele and there is a storm blowing up”. Everyone flaps the chute violently.
“What do you get on the sea? Boats!” Four or five big soft balls are thrown into the middle of the chute and the boats are tossed about as a storm rages. When the boats fall off the chute they are sunk.
Great game for children and also very stimulating if played with victims of stroke.
Bumper Cars
Members of the group are paired off. One stand in front of the other and become the engine. He or she has eyes closed at all times. The one behind steers the car by holding onto the waist. Both make the noise of an engine – brrrrm, brrrm so that the “cars” can hear where the other cars are. This is a trust game and the drivers and engines change places half way through the game.
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