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Mail Order Equipment and Toy Sales. We supply good quality girds and cleeks, long communal skipping ropes, whips and peeries and peever bed sets (peever with instructions), The toys are made to a high standard to withstand the wear and tear expected in the Primary School playground.
The ropes are made to a high specification and are beaded to give a controlled rhythm. They are long lasting and are made to withstand the wear and tear you would expect in a school playground or gym. Skipping is fun and good aerobic exercise. It helps children develop co-ordination, balance and fitness.

15 feet approx. (fifteen feet) for communal skipping.
£11.00 plus £3.00 for delivery/postage. Total £14.
The ropes are made to a high specification and are beaded to give a controlled rhythm. They are long lasting and are made to withstand the wear and tear you would expect in a school playground or gym. Skipping is fun and good aerobic exercise. It helps children develop co-ordination, balance and fitness.

WHIP AND PEERIE (whipping Top).
£5.00 plus £3.00 for delivery/posting. Total £8.00.
If buying a quantity ask for a quotation. Chalk not included.
Colouring, spinning and whipping the peerie is a very satisfying activity. Making a colourful design with chalk on the flat surface of the peerie can be very absorbing. Going on to spin and whip the peerie is equally absorbing and fun. This activity is excellent for developing hand eye co-ordination.

GIRDS AND CLEEKS (Victorian Hoop).
A 23 inch approx. diameter mild steel gird (hoop) with the handle attached for control and safety.
£12 plus £9.60 for delivery/postage. Total £21.60.
Please apply for a quotation if buying a quantity.
The  postage reduces per gird the heavier the package.
 Arrangements can be made for collection of orders to save on postage/delivery.
Right. Rex White of Lanarkshire, shows Annie the first girds he made for her.
All of the girds are hand made to my specification in Lanarkshire, Scotland.
They are in the orginal style of a Gird and Cleek and are not painted. Children might like to customise their gird by winding coloured bicycle handle bar tape or electrical insulating tape around the handle only. The mild steel gird (hoop) should be kept free of tape or paint to ensure that it runs satisfactorily.
This is a running toy. You can travel considerable distances when you are absorbed in keeping the gird going. Children develop physical fitness when they run with the gird. Remember "They can get the messages (errands or shopping) three times quicker with a gird and cleek".
This is a robust running toy which will last and last. Be careful where you park it as it might not be there when you come back for it!

4 Girds and Cleeks, 4 Whips and peeries and 1 long "jump in" rope.
Price £99. Price includes with UK.
Note: the new School Pack 2014 comprises four girds, four whips and peeries and one fifteen foot skipping rope for communal skipping. The above illustration will be updated as soon as practible. 
School Community pack - excellent for teaching traditional games relating to Victorian times and World War two.
The toys/equipment are robust enough for children to play traditional games indoors and out of doors.
How to Work a Traditional Gird and Cleek and a Whip and Peerie.

Gird and cleek – traditional running toy.


Girls and boys love to run with their girds and cleeks (hoops and handles).

It was quite normal to go for the messages (shopping) with a gird as Mammies (mothers) knew the children would get their messages three times quicker.

Children can have fun taking part in races. Once they have developed skills they can also guide their gird through obstacle courses e.g. cones for example.


How to run with a gird and cleek.



Make sure that you point the gird in the direction you want to go. Keep the cleek at the back of the gird with the small ring about a third of the way up the gird. With your free hand give the gird a roll in the direction you want to go. Apply pressure with the cleek to keep it going.

It will take practice to get going and practice to keep the gird going in the direction you want to go. Don't worry if it goes it's own sweet way to begin with. Just keep practising and have fun.

Safety – don't run in a road where there is traffic. The gird will run on grass as well as on hard surfaces.

Maintaining your gird.

Keep your gird in a dry place when it is not in use. It is made of mild steel and will rust if it gets wet or damp. Dry it thoroughly after playing in the rain.

For examples of how to run with a gird go to my web site and look at the pictures of children running with girds. Once you have mastered it running with a gird and cleek will give you lots of fun.

Good luck.

Customising your gird and cleek. To make your gird stand out you can customise the handle. Use paint such as Hammerite and paint your cleek or handle with bright colours. Make sure it is dry before setting off. An alternative is to painting is to use PVC tape although this is not as successful. 


Web site

Whip and peerie – traditional spinning top.


Colouring your Peerie.

Spinning and whipping a peerie (top) is great fun. First you colour the flat top of the peerie with chalk creating your own design. This can be as beautiful as you like or just simple splashes of colour. Use your imagination and create your own design. You can colour over it when you want to make a new design.

Spinning your peerie.

To spin your peerie you first wind the leather whip round the peerie. Start from the point of the whip and wind it on.

Hold the point of the peerie onto the smooth surface and pull the whip away sharply. The peerie should now be spinning.

Whipping your peerie.

Stand back an whip the peerie in the direction it is spinning in. If you whip it against the spin you will “kill it “– it will stop spinning and fall over.

Web site.

Look at the pictures for some inspiration. The short film on the web site, which is also on Utube, is worth looking at for technique. Look at what happens to the coloured top of your peerie. You can move your peerie around as you spin it by whipping it in the direction you want it to go. Have fun.

Games you play with your whip and peerie.

Spin off. Spin your peerie along with other players and see whose peerie spins for longest. As soon as any players peerie falls over they must pick it up and leave the floor. The player with last peerie standing wins the spin off.

Bully. Everyone starts spinning their peeries at the same time. Once they are all spinning you can try to spin your peerie towards and into your friends peerie. When spinning peeries make contact there is a good chance that one of the peeries will fall over. Again the last peerie spinning is the “bully” and the winner.

Web site



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