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Workshops for children in primary schools.
Traditional games new games and playground games, In service training for teachers. Classroom assistants and playtime supervisors. Talks and reminiscence sessions. Events including festivals and family fun days. Children's Parties a blend of new and old games for fun.

Workshops - Traditional Games.
This is an active games workshop using the toys of the last two centuries. Whips and peeries (whipping tops), girds and cleiks (Victorian hoops) communal skipping, peever, beds (Hopscotch) and tig games. The workshop is two hours long for a class of Primary School aged children not exceeding thirty pupils. This workshop can be used for improving fitness and learning about the activities which were popular with children from Victorian times until just after World War two.

Workshop - Playground Games.
This is another workshop which is full of activity and exercise. It can be slowed down and adapted for children with special needs and they can have as much fun as everyone else. New games and selected traditional games are included in this workshop. The games need little or no equipment and children can play them in the playground at playtimes.

New and co-operative games.
This workshop encourages interaction, and team building. Games from the New Games movement are used to give participants the opportunity to work successfully together, This workshop can be used for Team Building and can be enjoyed by Primary School, Secondary School aged children and students.

In-service staff training.
This workshop is for school staff - teachers, classroom support staff and playground supervisors, A wide range of interactive fun games are taught and can be used when working with children in many situations including in the classroom, the gym and the playground.

Events and festivals.
Games Old and New run very popular Come and Try sessions at events and fun days all over Scotland. The sessions are popular with people of all ages including senior citizens who enjoy a trip down memory lane. We have worked at Pollok Family Day for six years. We have worked at Folk Festivals and events including the Eyemouth Maritime Festival.

Talks and reminiscences.
Talks on children's games are popular with Women's guilds and Scottish Women's rural institutes. Its roll back the carpet and years and have a lot of fun playing and watching. Talks and demonstrations for older people in day centres and sheltered accommodation give people the opportunity to relive some of their childhood memories.

Uniform Organisations.
Including Guides, Scouts, Boys and Girls Brigades.
We promise a fun and activity packed session to cheer any group of children up. The games include traditional and new games.

Children's party games.
We offer a fun packed hour of children's games for birthday parties. The games are adapted to work in the space available. The games are also adapted for the ages and needs of the children present. Parents can relax and watch the fun whilst the children have a ball. Here are some of the games we play - car wash, fruit basket, in and out the dusty bluebells, the bear hunt (for a photograph) and the world song.

Gird and cleik or hoop.
The gird and cleik is a universally popular running toy made in recent times of mild steel and often crafted by blacksmiths, coal miners or shipyard workers, Before the industrial revolution girds were made of wood, This could be the end of a butter barrel or a willow and made into a circle. The gird is as old as the wheel, When man invented the wheel children played with toy wheels, All over the world today children still play with the toy wheel. In Africa, South America, Malaysia and so on. Contrary to expectations the "gird" is a universal toy and not just Scottish. Only the name is unique to Scotland. The gird is the hoop and the cleik is the handle. Cleik is old Scots for hook and many girds had handles with open hooks or cleiks compared to the Victorian model which has the handle attached to the gird with a small ring.

Whip and peerie or whipping top.
The peerie is made of wood with an upholstery tack at the sharp end. The whip is a handle with a leather thong which is usually longer than the handle. The toy can be made by hand making it accessible to everyone. It is an ancient toy which has been found in Egyptian tombs for example. It also is a universal toy, popular in most third world countries today. The flat top of the peerie is coloured using chalk. When the peerie is spun the colours merge and change to the pleasure of the user and onlookers, The coloured surface also identifies the peerie to the owner which is important if you are spinning your peerie beside others. "One two three aleerie, hud ma whip 'til I spin ma peerie." It is possible to spin a peerie with only your fingers, However it is necessary to whip it to keep it spinning.
The equipment can also be used in the gym and playground activities. Schools working on Victorian time and World War I / II will find the toys useful in class. This offer is also available to play schemes, children's centres, community centres and uniformed organisations etc. Workshops are available for schools in traditional games, playground game an new games. Talks and demonstrations for Guilds and womens institutes are also available. Come and try events at Pollock Family Day for example are popular. Workshops are available for uniformed organisations such as Girl Guides, Boys Brigade and so on.

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