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Scotland's Traditional Games


Traditional Toys Price List 2014


Gird and cleek. (running toy) £12-00 each. Add £9-60 for postage/delivery. Total £21-60.

Whip and Peerie (whipping top) £5-00 each. Add £3-00 for postage/delivery. Total £8-00.

Skipping rope. £11-00 each. 15 feet long, beaded, for Communal “jump in” skipping.

Add £3-00 for postage/delivery. Total £14-00.

School Pack for Schools and Community Groups.

Four girds and cleeks.

Four Whips and Peeries.

One 15 foot “jump” in skipping rope.

Special offer - £99-00. Includes postage/delivery.

Prices are for the United Kingdom only. Please ask for a quotation for other destinations.

Your order can be collected by prior arrangement or posted/delivered.

Payment by cheque made out to Annie Sutherland with order. Please do not send cash in the post.

Official orders will be accepted from Schools, Local Authorities and Community Organisations.

Terms – payment with order required.


Traditional Games Workshops.

Two hour workshops on traditional games are available for Primary Schools and other organisations. The workshops are delivered by two experienced play leaders with combined experience of twenty eight years.

The workshops are suitable for all and are adapted to suite the children or grown ups taking part.

Cost of Traditional Games Workshop - £110 for two hours (minimum booking).

Visit my web site on

Please take a look at this site. It is suitable for children researching traditional games.

To see a demonstration of whips and peeries and girds use this link to You Tube. It can can also be reached through the link on my web site which is simpler.

Email Feel free to contact me regarding Scotland’s traditional games. I will be happy to offer any help I can.

Telephone: 0141 633 2228.

Additional Workshops suitable for children of Primary School age.

Playground Games - a mix of traditional and new games which can be played indoors or outdoors - £110 for two hours.

Children’s Birthday Parties “fun and games” including traditional and new games. £55 per hour. Maximum time recommended one and a half hours.

Organisations – Brownies, Guides, Boys Brigades and Scouts

£35 for one to one and a half hours. Hands on fun with girds, whips and peeries, traditional and new games.


Talks and demonstrations.

Entertaining Talks - suitable for WRIs and Guilds - £45 for one to one and a half hours. "I've never heard the ladies laugh and talk so much at our meetings".

Reminiscence - informal workshop for older people who would benefit from remembering and sharing their childhood experiences playing games. £45.


Web address


Annie Sutherland

Games Old and New

661 Clarkston Road


G44 3QL Telephone 0141 633 2228