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I have worked all over Scotland teaching children traditional games. You may remember many of these from your childhood. Children will recognise some and others will be new to them.
I started over fourteen years ago when the Association for Fair Play for Children in Scotland was wound up. Brian, my husband and roadie, raised funds for Fair Play by delivering Traditional games sessions all over Scotland. It was his number one hobby and I was his roadie. He sold over 3000 girds for Fair Play which went all over the world and provided much needed funds for the charity.
The games I played when I was wee are incorporated into my workshops. Paldie, skipping and what's the time Mr Wolf for example.
I hope that this website will help children in schools research children's games - games their grannies and grandads played, Victorian times, World War 2 and so on. I hope too that people will send in their memories of the games they played which will be added to the website and perhaps into a publication.
Feel free to contact me. I will be happy to hear from you.
Annie Sutherland.
Brian volunteers to help me with games activities. He had a gird when he was seven years of age and had sixty made twenty nine years ago. He was working, teaching and promoting Scotlands traditional games raising funds for Fair Play for Children in Scotland. For Fair Play he had 3000 girds made which were sold for the charities funds.
Brian Sutherland, volunteer. Photograph by Cath Scott. Copyright 2013.
The girds are all over the world now. In America, France, Russia, Italy. Most of them are in primary Schools in Scotland. Brian volunteers to help me when required.
Tommy Reid has been involved in traditional games for over twenty five years since he was eight years old. Highly skilled in playing the games and good at passing on his skills Tomy joins me from time to time at big events such as Pollok Family day. 
Some feedback from clients-
We all enjoyed ourselves and are still laughing at the jokes and the wee songs as well as being reminded of our childhood.
Rena Leigh, Balshagry Victoria Park Church, Broomhill, Glasgow.
Thank you for letting us take part in the games. It brought back many memories of games we all used to play as children.
Barbara E Alexander, Jackton WRI South Lanarkshire.
What a great night we had and it was just full of fun and laughter. There was just a lovely atmosphere in the hall on Wednesday. Thank you.
Ann Martin, Secretary, Milton of Campsie Womens Rural Institute.
We all had a fantastic evening and we are still smiling when we think about it.
Betty Cook, Trinity Church Ladies Group, Hamilton.